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Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection

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Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection

With the acquisition of Detcon, Oldham, Simtronics, GMI and the Gas & Flame activity of Scott Safety, Teledyne has become one of the largest manufacturers of gas and flame detection products. These global brands bring together over 100 years of industry experience across a wide range of innovative detection solutions. This adds significant adjacent strength to the Instrumentation Division of Teledyne a leading provider of sophisticated instrumentation, digital imaging products and software, aerospace and defense electronics, and engineered systems, providing a broader array of safety products and solutions, enhancing our relevance to customers worldwide.
Every customer scenario demands a different, customized approach, and Teledyne applies expertise in building the right plan for the right hazards, every time. Our complete portfolio and industry-leading solutions offer expert perspective and quality products you can rely on in the most critical situations. When it comes to superior value, efficacy, efficiency and service, the gas and flame detection team from Teledyne delivers like no one else.
Teledyne uses its global capability, manufacturing excellence and customer engineering to provide end-to-end gas and flame detection solutions for a wide range of hazards worldwide. With an industry-leading, comprehensive portfolio of products and services, our commitment to cross-platform integration provides protection for today and confidence for tomorrow.
Our products are sold through a world class system of knowledgeable distributors, manufacturers’ representatives and sales subsidiaries. Our customer commitment does not stop at product delivery but encompasses ongoing services. From custom-designed solutions to unmatched technical support, our gas and flame detection solutions are backed by expert judgment and premier technology that you can count on in any emergency.


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Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection

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