Lecteur de code à barre – intermec sr30

Lecteur de code à barre – intermec sr30

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Le scanner à main SR30 est très flexible, il s’adapte automatiquement à de nouvelles interfaces, ce qui le rend facile à installer et tout aussi facile à reconfigurer. La technologie Vista intégrée permet une lecture rapide et précise même quand les codes barres sont loin d’être parfaits. Le SR30 est les scanner idéal pour des applications type points de service

•Auto-adapting interface enables fast and easy connectivity
•Interface flexibility reduces need for multiple devices, saving costs
•Common POS peripherals and software supported
•Aggressive scan rate
•Patented Vista™ scanning technology reads damaged or poorly printed bar codes
•Easy configuration and personalization
•Supports data editing
•Lightweight and comfortable to hold
Product Overview
The Intermec SR30 handheld scanner meets the needs of Point-of-Service (POS) applications in retail, healthcare, office and light industrial settings. Designed to automatically adapt to different interfaces, the SR30 is fast and easy to install, and equally easy to reconfigure. Built for productivity, the lightweight SR30 integrates patented Intermec Vista linear imaging technology to deliver fast, always-accurate scanning even when bar codes are damaged or poorly printed.
The SR30’s auto-adapting capabilities simplifies installation, enabling virtually instant connectivity to POS terminals, Intermec mobile or fixed mount computers, and personal computers. Users can easily connect the scanner to the host and start scanning immediately. When new application requirements arise, the user only needs to change the interface cable, not the device itself. This flexibility reduces device costs and complexity for both user companies and their information technology suppliers. Inventory needs are simplified, and user training costs are reduced.

The SR30 handheld scanner supports seamless communication with common POS peripherals and software, which further simplifies set-up and use. It also includes the Intermec EasySet™ software set-up tool for easy configuration and personalization. The user can quickly select beeper tones and volumes, good read and error read responses, and many other preferences. In addition, the SR30 can be configured for data editing. This enables the user to scan barcode data, edit it via the scanner, and only transmit desired output to the host.

Holder accessories available for the SR30 scanner include desktop stand, wall mount holder, and hands-free stand.

Snappy and accurate, the Intermec SR30 handheld scanner streamlines POS and light industrial data capture applications.

Domaine d'utilisation:
- Logistique
- Industrie de l'automobile
- Grande distribution
- Transport
- Domaine hospitalier
- Industrie pharmaceutique...

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